Beers, beards and London Fried Chicken:
Billy and the Chicks is coming to Soho
“Fried Chicken, as a kid, was always a meeting point – Meet you at the KFC or outside the Morley’s by the bus stop on Saturday afternoon in south east London, with just enough for a two piece chicken and chips meal.  Listening to music, mucking around on the streets and having a kick about, was my past times at the beginning of my teenage years.

It’s something that’s nostalgic for me…   It’s going to watch West Ham lose on a freezing evening to Crewe, and scoffing a chicken burger with some wings to get the warmth back into my fingertips. It’s by default that fried chicken is my nostalgic meal and for many others born around the late 80’s and early 90’s. With a can of drink, drumstick in hand and listening to Fool’s Gold or Hypnotize… I was content.


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