The Food

What’s on your plate?
Billy and the Chicks use the finest British ingredients from suppliers like Bread Ahead, Neal’s Yard Dairy, Walter Rose & Son and Spice Mountain for Billy’s very own secret herbs and spice mix.   But really its all about the British birds – and these are some beauties. They’re free range Cotswold Whites, nicknamed ‘The Ballerina’ due to the way they dance around the fields – only the dainiest chickens for Billy’s diners.

The chicken speaks for itself really – simple, delicious and real. The sides and extras on the menu is where Billy gets to show off all he’s learnt from some of the great chefs he’s worked with.

The Drink

What’s in your glass?
Billy and Sam reckon a major issue with old school chicken shops is the struggle to get a decent alcoholic beverage. Whilst Billy and the Chicks wants to take you down memory lane, it’s all about having a good time, hanging out with like minded staff and washing down meals with the right drink – so as much effort has gone into the drinks menu as the food.

Billy and the Chicks serves a selection of craft beers from around the country with Bermondsey based Four Pure Brewing Co, beer from Harbour Brewing and Red Stripe on the menu (because who wouldn’t want to drink Red Stripe with fried chicken?) Keep an eye out for new additions to the range, which will change seasonally.

The bar also serves cocktails inspired by childhood drinks such as ‘Dr Nick’, a Dr Pepper influenced alcoholic creation from the boys’ friend Nick, Lilt inspired ‘Guilt’, ‘Cherry Up’ and ‘Banana Cream Soda’. Or ask the talented barman for anything you’d like that’s not on the menu. There are also dessert cocktails for those who can’t make their mind up to have another drink or something sweet – the ‘Strawberry and Cream’ and ‘Cinnamon Apple Pie’ alcoholic floats made from Moonshine are a winner.

Soft drinks are of course provided and again Billy and the Chicks will take you back in time with your old friends Tango, 7Up and Coke, as well as Dr Pepper and Irn Bru – all served in the can like any proper chicken shop.