We all love our own space now and again and all work and no play isn’t ideal lets be honest.
With seating for 12 guests the coop can be used for an exclusive space to dine, a room to muck around in or a space to pump out the tunes.
With its warm glow of fillament vintage lights this industrial style back room is your den where the rules can be broken.
Use it at your leisure for dinner, for cavorting, for a scream or a shout or if you have had a bad day just use if for an escape.

To book the coop please fill out the form below


If there is half a dozen of you and you like personal space our nest is a closed private area
separate to the restaurant but close to the bar so that you don’t feel left out.

To book the Coop or The Nest please call the number below

020 7287 8111