Hate the word ‘vibe’ but we just wanted to confirm what it is we’re going for. ‘Nostalgia’ is a word we use a lot. Old school fried chicken shops are somewhere to pop in for 5 minutes, stuff your face or grab a takeaway. At Billy and the Chicks we want customers to feel comfortable and not rush their meal. We want our staff to interact with customers, to understand why our food is different from KFC, to talk about the music and be passionate about food (not just fried chicken). We’ve purposely added big bar and dj booth to add theatre and enhance our guests experience. We blew the budget coming to Soho because it’s an area we are familiar with. We knew that decision would mean there wasn’t much left in the pot for an expensive refurb. We caught the back end of the old Soho and would like to keep that alive in Billy and the Chicks.

If customers are unable to stay and have fun with us, it’s ok we understand. That’s why we’ve made room for a dedicated Take Away counter. So if you’ve left The Crown and want to grab some fried chicken before you get the bus home….

You know where we are!